Bottleless Watercooler

Why Bottleless?

• No more lifting and storing awkward heavy bottles.

• Purify the water that is already in your home or office.

• Bottleless Water Coolers are a greener option.

Better for you and better for the planet.

Bottled water companies promote a health a safety image, however bottled
water is less regulated and proven no safer than municipal water. Bottled water
production uses 17 million barrels of oil and produces millions of tons of
greenhouse gases in manufacturing their bottles and processing and transportation
of their bottles. 50 billion plastic bottles are put into landfills annually. Thousands of
bottled water delivery trucks are clogging our streets and highways nationwide.

• No more plotting revenge against the callous oaf who didn’t replace the empty bottle.

• No more spillages replacing the empty bottle.

• Hot and cold water on demand, no hassle.

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