Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

By correcting well issues early you can avoid unnecessary headaches and expenses. If your pressure tank is unbalanced or if your pump motor is showing grounds, it can cause a pretty distinctive rise in your energy consumption and also shorten the life of your pump. A preventative maintenance call by Mainline Plumbing could save you money, give you peace of mind and avoid future headaches, by making sure that your system is functioning at PEAK performance.

Well Audit

  • Full system check

  • Air charge/balance

  • Pressure verification/Switch examination

  • Performance check on pump and energy rating inspection

  • Integrity check of well seal

  • Detailed write up of all results and recommendations


System Tune Up

The Tune Up features replacement of the following:

  • Pressure gauge

  • Pressure switch

  • Relief valve

  • Boiler drain

  • Shut off valve