Sump pumps

If your basement has flooded or had water damage you know how much of an inconvenience it is.  It ruins not only your possessions but also wrecks your flooring, walls and creates mold issues.

Prevent basement flooding with a sump pump

Mainline Plumbing & Heating can size the sump pump to your home’s needs. A sump pump moves excess water before it reaches your basement floor.  Sump pumps work in combination with a sump basin (inserted into the ground below the floor surface). A sump pump is wired into your home’s electrical system. Of course if your electricity fails the sump pump would no longer work, this is where the peace of mind from a battery back up system is invaluable.  A battery back up is a wise choice for situations where an inactive pump would cause damage quickly.  Depending on the volume of water that needs to be moved, a battery back up can last 9 – 24 hours.  Even a single inch of water in your basement, especially if it is finished, can do extensive damage. This is why a battery back up system is so essential.

Sump pumps do wear out over time.  Unfortunately they tend to fail at the worst possible time.  Call Mainline @ 603-437-9114 if you are experiencing problems with your sump pump. We can usually replace your sump pump
the same day.  To prevent sump pump failures, your system should be inspected and cleaned annually.

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